My Circle of Friends and Family

As the holidays near, I am reminded that my home and life were never of the holiday-greeting-card-TV-movie variety. While I was growing up, alcoholism always lingered, waiting to rear its head as family and friends gathered around tables of food, laughter, and plenty of mixed alcoholic drinks. Fast-forward to having my own gatherings of family, …

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Why I Keep Coming Back

  I’ve been a grateful member of Al‑Anon since February 14, 2018. For the previous five and a half years, I was a bitter, angry, and resentful member. I couldn’t bring myself to accept that alcoholism is a disease. I found it much easier to view as bad behavior. By that Wednesday morning, the alcoholic …

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I Get When I Give

When I first started attending Al‑Anon meetings, I was emotionally and physically exhausted from the drama that ruled my marriage. I had just enough energy to drive myself to and from meetings. I had asked a woman from my home group to be my Sponsor because she had many years in the program, and I …

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