A Safe Place

I didn’t attend Al‑Anon meetings during the 16 years of my husband’s sobriety. When he relapsed and isolated, I shut down and isolated. I didn’t tell anyone of this, hoping he could beat it like before, and we could keep this secret between us. Three years later, I was miserable and could no longer take …

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Talking Myself into Joining

Hands shaking, heart racing, stomach churning—it was all I could do to hit the “Join” button on my first online Al‑Anon meeting. It was almost more anxiety than I could take. I actually hung up three times before I stayed in the call and listened. I told myself, “You can just sit here and listen …

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Reclaiming My Hope for the Future

Growing up with an alcoholic father, all the dysfunction seemed so normal. Only recently did I realize everything I experienced growing up was anything but that. The fighting, hiding, escaping, trying hard to fade in the background, and feeling scared to come out weren’t things that happened to everyone, even though I thought they were. …

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