New Jersey Area Alateen Safety and Behavioral Requirements

Al-Anon members involved in Alateen service (AMIAS) are members who have the care and responsibility for Alateens while being of service to Alateen, which includes but is not limited to Alateen Sponsors.

All Al-Anon members involved in Al-Anon service must:

  • Attend at least one regular Al-Anon meeting per week
  • Be at least 25 years old
  • Have at least 2 continuous years of Al-Anon program
  • Have not been convicted of a felony and never been charged with and / or convicted of child abuse or any offense involving sexual misconduct or physical violence against children or adults
  • Have not demonstrated emotional problems which could result in harm to Alateen members

There must be one registered sponsor present at every meeting and it is preferred that two sponsors are registered and present.
Overt and /or covert sexual interaction is prohibited between any adult Al-Anon and Alateen member. This also includes any Alateens who are adults, 18 and over.
All Al-Anon members involved in Alateen service and Alateen members must comply with any and all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

Permission Slips and Medical Forms:

  • The Committee asserts that Permission and Medical Forms are not required for regular meetings, but for activities away from regular meetings, these forms are required (i.e. conventions, workshops, bowling parties, etc.)
  • Permission Slips and Medical Forms are required for transporting Alateens to and from events and meetings

The Area Safety and Behavioral Requirements must be reviewed by local counsel.
All new Alateen Sponsors must attend an Educational Training and Awareness Program.
All Alateen Sponsors must attend an Annual Sponsor Training Review and Refresher Program.

  • The Information Services Alateen Activities Chairpersons will coordinate the training.
  • The Committee asserts that Co-Sponsors are not assistants and therefore must comply with any and all requirements of a Sponsor.

The Process for Alateen Sponsor Approval

A Potential Sponsor must:

  • Contact the Area Alateen Coordinator. The Coordinator will supply the appropriate paperwork. (A New Alateen Sponsor Packet)
  • The potential sponsor will complete and return the application to the Alateen Coordinator
  • Attend and complete a New Sponsor Education and Training Program

Responsibilities of an Alateen Sponsor

An Alateen Sponsor:

  • Attends at least one regular Al-Anon meeting per week
  • Makes a two year commitment to Alateen Sponsorship
  • Updates the group registration information with WSO, Area Assembly, and local Information Service, as needed
  • Is familiar with the NJ Area and World Service Alateen Safety and Behavioral Requirements
  • Has a working knowledge of the Steps, Traditions, Concepts, Area and the Al-Anon structure
  • Is familiar with and uses the most current Conference Approved Literature (CAL) available
  • Participates in annual Alateen Sponsor Training
  • Attends Area Alateen Sponsor Meetings
  • Knows who their local Information Service and Area Alateen Coordinators are, and how to contact them
  • Is familiar with the NJ laws regarding the reporting of abuse and your role
  • Reminds the group at the beginning of each meeting that NJ law mandates reporting suspected child abuse
  • Provides a safe and secure meeting place
  • Guides the Alateens toward working the Twelve Steps for personal recovery
  • Helps the Alateens take responsibility for the affairs of the group and implement the Twelve Traditions and Concepts of Service
  • Encourages the participation of Alateen members in local Information Service and Area functions
  • Keeps their Sponsor Certification current by following the Safety and Behavioral Requirements
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