All Al-Anon Family Group meetings welcome anyone who believes his/her life has been affected by someone else’s drinking, either today or in the past.

  • “Families, Friends, and Observers welcome” – Al-Anon meetings welcome visitors seeking information about Al-Anon, as well as newcomers and members of Al-Anon.
  • “Families and Friends only” – Al-Anon meetings are for members and prospective members only. Anyone who has been affected by someone else’s drinking is welcome.

Meeting types include Beginners, Parents, Men, Women, LGBTQ, Adult Children.

Meeting formats include Step, Tradition, Literature, Topic, Speaker.

Alateen is for children affected by someone else’s drinking. Meetings for teenagers can be found under Alateen.

Al-Anon Family Groups have but one purpose: to help families of alcoholics.

Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions. Your anonymity is protected at all times and everything you say or hear is confidential.

There are no dues or fees for membership — each group is self supporting through their own voluntary contributions.

No meeting is the same — try to attend as many different meetings as you can.

Note: Some Al-Anon Family Groups returning to in-person meetings are choosing a “Hybrid” meeting format. Hybrid meetings are in-person meetings that accommodate online attendees as well. To find a Hybrid meeting, use one of the links below to search for a Group’s meeting location. Hybrid meetings will include a link to the online component below the meeting’s physical address. The chart below contains only the NJ Groups that are meeting in a temporary electronic format.

Find an Al-Anon Meeting

Al-Anon is a mutual support group of peers who share their experience in applying the Al-Anon principles to problems related to the effects of a problem drinker in their lives.

Find an Alateen Meeting

Alateen is a peer support group for teens who are struggling with the effects of someone else’s problem drinking.

Find an Electronic Meeting

Electronic Al-Anon meetings are held online and over the phone. Online meeting formats include: bulletin board, email, social media and Skype.

Starting a new Al-Anon Group?  Need to make a Group change?

Below is a list of NJ Al-Anon Family Groups that have switched temporarily to an all-electronic meeting

This is informational only, and not an endorsement of any mobile device, platform or any mobile apps offered in the app stores.

Remember that this is a temporary status. Once groups are able to meet again, please remind members to close the various conference call lines and online platforms.

Anonymity is an important principle of the Al-Anon/Alateen program. If there are others in your home, please protect the anonymity of other members by using headphones and being mindful of who can see your screen or go to another location in your home where the meeting cannot be overheard or seen by others.

Day & TimeCity/TownGroup NameAttendeesMeeting LinkOther infoPasscode 
Mon 10:00 AMOakhurst Mon MorningFamilies Friends Only (712) 775-7031254958216
Mon 10:00 AMPrinceton One Day At A Time Families, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 642760
Mon 12:00 PMColts Neck Colts Neck NoonFamilies Friends Only njarea36district19@ for info 
Mon 12:00 PMPompton Lakes BeginnersPompton LakesFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 177204
Mon 12:30 PMSuccasunna Thank God it’s MondayFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 500217
Mon 01:00 PMMontclair Monday Aft Non SmokingFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 089190
Mon 01:00 PMPompton Lakes Pompton LakesFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 177204
Mon 04:00 PMFreehold AFGFamilies, Friends, Observers Welcome Email njarea36district19@ for more info 
Mon 07:00 PMHaddon Heights Monday Night Serenity GroupFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 061768
Mon 07:00 PMEgg Harbor StepSteps to RecoveryFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now serenity27
Mon 07:00 PMRandolph Courage To Change Book StudiesFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now randolph
Mon 07:00 PMRoselle Aprendiendo A Vivir GFAFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting NowSpanish Speaking00428
Mon 07:30 PMFlemington Flemington Monday NiteFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 347763
Mon 07:30 PMMontclair Montclair Monday NightFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 183479
Mon 07:30 PMNorth Brunswick Monday Night Courage To ChangesFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 561009
Mon 07:30 PMRed Bank Women’sMonday Night WomensFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now Serenity
Mon 08:00 PMSparta BeginnersSpartaFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now  
Mon 08:30 PMSparta SpartaFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now  
Tue 10:00 AM Lyndhurst Lyndhurst 10 AMFamilies and Friends Only (515) 606-5187240675
Tue 01:00 PMLivingston Tuesday AfternoonFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 101112
Tue 06:30 PMBrick How Works Study MeetingFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 073406
Tue 07:00 PMPrinceton BeginnersTuesday Evening BeginnersFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now Program
Tue 07:30 PMColumbia TuesdayFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now alanon
Tue 07:30 PMEwing Ewing Courage To ChangeFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 692401
Tue 07:30 PMSparta Next LevelFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now alanon
Tue 07:30 PMWestfield Westfield Tuesday NightFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 778866
Tue 07:45 PMMiddlesex Taking Care Of The Steps – Traditions And ConceptsFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 5R3jmC
Wed 10:00 AMBoonton Boonton Wed AM At Riverside HospFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 178996
Wed 01:00 PMHowell HowellFamilies Friends Only njarea36district19@ for info 
Wed 04:30 PMPrinceton WednesdayFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 031657
Wed 07:00 PMAsbury Park Serenity Seekers TooFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 866563
Wed 07:00 PMToms River ParentsToms River ParentsFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 6483315
Wed 07:30 PMChatham BeginnersChatham TownshipFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 363939
Wed 07:30 PMIselin IselinFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now Wednesday
Wed 07:30 PMLeonia Leonia UnlimitedFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting NowMeeting ID number: 623 272 6632U5ZN6s
Wed 07:30 PMPiscataway Wednesday NightFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 401540
Wed 07:30 PMWayne WayneFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now  
Wed 08:00 PMBasking Ridge Basking RidgeFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now Serenity
Wed 08:00 PMChatham Chatham TownshipFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 363939
Wed 08:00 PMCherry Hill JFK Cherry Hill WednesdayFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 883192
Wed 08:00 PMMontclair Wednesday Night DiscussionFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 183479
Thu 10:00 AMOakhurst Thursday MorningFamilies Friends Only (712) 775-7031254958216
Thu 10:00 AMPrinceton Thursday MorningFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 019621
Thu 10:00 AMRamsey Thursday MorningFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 940805
Thu 05:30 PMLivingston Step Into FreedomFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 123
Thu 6:30 PMBrant Beach BeginnersLong Beach IslandFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 853363
Thu 06:30 PMRidgewood Men’s StepThe Thursday Night Ridgewood Men’s Step MeetingFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 479202
Thu 07:00 PMBrant Beach Long Beach IslandFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 853363
Thu 07:00 PMHaddon Township Thursday Night WestmontFamilies, Friends, Observers Welcome (978) 990-50425157420
Thu 07:30 PMMatawan Thursday NightFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 72560
Thu 07:30 PMRidgewood Men’sThe Thursday Night Ridgewood Men’s MeetingFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 479202
Thu 08:00 PMHackettstown Recovery Thru Steps, Traditions, And ConceptsFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 243917
Fri 09:00 AMWestwood BeginnersFriday MorningFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 411198
Fri 10:00 AMWestwood Friday MorningFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 411198
Fri 11:00 AMPoint Pleasant Beach Friday Morning 11 A.M Step/Tradition/InventoryFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 2wKDn9
Fri 12:15 PMPrinceton FridayFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 537046
Fri 07:00 PMStirling Un Milagro En GFAFamilies, Friends, Observers Welcome Meets via WhatsApp,, email district12rep@ for info 
Fri 07:00 PMTrenton Friday StepFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 420429
Fri 07:30 PMMiddlesex Friday Nite MiddlesexFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 5R3jmC
Fri 08:00 PMBoonton Boonton Friday NightFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 023824
Fri 08:00 PMSomerville Friday NightFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 720081
Fri 08:00 PMStanhope Serenity SeekersFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 214273
Fri 08:15 PMStirling Stirling Adult ChildrenFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 916899
Fri 08:30 PMMoorestown MoorestownFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now odat
Sat 08:30 AMPrinceton Happy Joyous And FreeFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 090204
Sat 09:00 AMJersey City The Early BirdFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 761755
Sat 09:30 AMHo-Ho-Kus BeginnersSaturday MorningFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 518758
Sat 10:00 AMBradley Beach Asbury Park Open DoorFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 249966
Sat 10:00 AMHoboken Saturday MorningFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now Hoboken66
Sat 10:00 AMMontclair BeginnersSaturday Morning BeginnersFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 07042
Sat 10:30 AMMontclair Saturday Morning – TopicFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 07042
Sat 10:30 AMMount Holly 4th Step BlueprintFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 135791
Sat 11:00 AMNew Brunswick Saturday MorningFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now Serenity
Sat 11:30 AMBrick 11:30AM SaturdayFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 731903
Sat 07:30 PMParsippany Parsippany Saturday Night Adult ChildrenFamilies, Friends, Observers Welcome ParsippanySaturdayNightACOA@ for info 
Sat 08:00 PMHaddon Heights Saturday Night SerenityFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now odat
Sun 08:45 AMSummit Summit Sunday MorningFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now Step12
Sun 10:00 AMCape May Court House Cape May Court HouseFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now serenity27
Sun 10:00 AMHolmdel New BeginningsFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 536049
Sun 10:30 AMNew Brunswick Cook Campus Breakfast Step MeetingFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 880916
Sun 07:00 PMBrick Sunday Night Brick Adult ChildrenFamilies Friends Only (978) 990-5482 Provide first name & town1683399
Sun 07:00 PMFair Lawn Sunday Adult ChildrenFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting NowGoogle Meet 
Sun 07:30 PMHewitt Listen And LearnFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now 687498
Sun 07:30 PMHillsdale Pascack Valley SundayFamilies, Friends, Observers WelcomeJoin Meeting Now 121951312
Sun 08:00 PMBernardsville BernardsvilleFamilies Friends OnlyJoin Meeting Now Serenity


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