Keeping My Peace

My peace belongs to me, but it is so easy to give it away or let someone take it. One gem I have heard in Al‑Anon meetings is “Don’t take the bait.” I may be quite happy and in a good mood, but if a loved one makes a criticism and I choose to engage …

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Moving On from My Past

Before I came to Al‑Anon, I had wrapped myself up in so many layers of denial that to sit in a room and admit the truth to myself—let alone strangers—seemed crazy. Part of me wanted to cling to that denial, and part of me knew I couldn’t sustain the insanity of trying to control someone’s …

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Not Cowardice, but Courage

When my spouse retired, his behaviour changed. I couldn’t understand what was happening, especially when he became verbally aggressive toward me for trivial matters. I found an online story from someone describing what she termed a dry drunk. The behaviours she listed matched those of my spouse, and she suggested Al‑Anon. My first meeting was …

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