Jal-Con, Inc. is the name of the annual NJ Al-Anon Convention with AA participation.
The annual NJ Al-Anon Convention, Jal-Con, welcomes all Al-Anon, Alateen and AA members from throughout the state of New Jersey.
To become a committee member, you should have a sound understanding of the Traditions and Concepts as well as the ability to work and cooperate with others.
For questions and/or to volunteer to help, please contact Jal-Con at 1-888-796- 6999, or at
Convention Organization Information: The business side of the convention is the responsibility of an elected Board of Trustees which meets several times each year and holds an Annual Meeting at which time all registered groups in NJ are asked to send a representative. The Jal-Con Annual meeting is required by law as a non profit. Anyone may attend that meeting without cost, but must pay the convention registration fee to attend any of the convention meetings.
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