Jal-Con, Inc is the name of the annual NJ Al-Anon Convention with AA participation.

Organization Information: The business side of the convention is the responsibility of an elected Board of Trustees which meets several times each year and holds an Annual Meeting at which time all registered groups in NJ are asked to send a representative.  The Jal-Con Annual meeting is required by law as a non-profit. Anyone may attend that meeting without cost, but you must pay the registration fee to attend any of the convention meetings.

The Convention Planning Committee meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month from November to July to plan the convention meetings, speakers and activities.

Anyone interested in becoming a Trustee or in helping the Planning Committee organize the convention, or to help with leading a meeting or sitting at one of the tables at the convention may contact Jal-Con by phone at 1-888-796-6999 or by e-mail at njjalcon@nj-al-anon.org.

Convention Information: The NJ Al-Anon Convention is held annually in the summer, usually over the last weekend in July, from Friday at 8 pm through Sunday at noon.

The convention begins on Friday evening with a keynote Al-Anon speaker and a Candlelight meeting thereafter.

On Saturday there is an early ODAT/Courage to Change meeting followed by at least four different Al-Anon meetings in time slots running from 9:30 am to 6 pm.  There is a separate AA meeting in each time slot and scattered separate Alateen meetings during the day.  There are generally two different panel discussions that usually take place in late morning and in the afternoon as well as workshops on various topics.

On Saturday evening there is a banquet with after dinner speakers that, in addition to an Al-Anon speaker, usually includes an Alateen speaker as well as an AA speaker.  There is also a dance with a DJ following the speakers that lasts until 1 am, and there are rooms available for sit and chat through the wee small hours.

On Sunday mid-morning there is an Al-Anon speaker, who usually addresses the topic of Spirituality in the Al-Anon program.  There are in addition at least four Al-Anon meetings and one AA meeting, which take place before the speaker.  The convention closes with an open meeting for sharing the recovery experienced during the convention.

Registration Information: The registration fee for the convention entitles one to attend all the meetings all weekend, to listen all the speakers, including those after dinner even if not attending the banquet, and to the dance on Saturday night.  Alateen registration is free but any Alateen attending must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  The cost of the Banquet and for a stay at the hotel for one or two nights is separate from that of the Registration fee.

Pre-Registration Form for 2018:   2018 PreRegistration

Alateen Forms:  NJ_Area_Alateen Forms_A_&_B-1     2018Jal-ConAlateenConsentForms

For any questions and/or to volunteer to help, please contact Jal-Con by phone at 1-888-796-6999, or by e-mail at njjalcon@nj-al-anon.org.